I fell completely in love with Skin Candy. 

Its not just a product its being part of family, Scandinavian Skin Candy is the Future of Smooth  Healthy Skin and the key to change your business. 

Jacqui MurphySalon Owner

I find candying works absolutely great! I think it works really well. When we first tested it, six months ago, month for month our sales has just tripled. We’re doing over 400 treatments in candying.

MatthewSalon owner

The brand, the product and the feel of the business itself all connected with me. I loved what Skin Candy could do and I loved the people involved – they made it fun!

Sally ManningSalon owner

Learning was really fast, it took about 2 months for me to get to the professional level. I´ve noticed in my trainings that you need about 3-5 jars of Candy and after that you candy like a pro.

Ilse ElbersDistributor & Salon owner

It´s the hole process: good for your skin, easy to work with, less ingrown hair, thinner hair and natural products. My customers in Kensington have noticed it, too – they love the smooth skin after candying.

Salon OwnerSalon owner

When I was waxing and shaving, my skin was irritated and I suffered from ingrown hair. I tested Skin Candy and now my skin is much softer and less irritated.

Salon CustomerSalon Customer